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Designing Universities of the Future  

Anna Valtonen  

Aalto University

Keywords: participatory design, university development, education


How can we reform curricula, and universities at large, through a participatory design approach? Two development processes, one from Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden and the other one from Aalto University in Finland, are shown to exemplify this. These cases are used to highlight different practices on how change is designed and executed, what the prerequisites for a successful process are, what challenges these approaches bring, and how we can develop the practice of developing universities - thorough a participatory design approach - further. 

This paper is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence.

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Cite this paper: Valtonen, A. (2016). Designing Universities of the Future. Proceedings of DRS 2016, Design Research Society 50th Anniversary Conference. Brighton, UK, 27–30 June 2016.

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