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Challenges in co-designing a building 

Min Hi Chun 

University of Reading

Keywords: architecture profession; co-design; design process; building design


This paper explores the challenges faced in implementing Co-Design approaches to building design. Co-design approaches have been increasingly applied in building design over the last decade. They call on building designers to engage users more actively by asking them to express their experience and knowledge directly throughout the design process. However there are some concerns as it radically changes how we design, what we design, and who designs. The paper explores these by reviewing the literature around the development of the architecture profession and comparing participatory approaches to others and concludes that there are a number of challenges in co-designing a building, including changes in the role of actors in the design process and issues around managing conflicts between the interests of different users in a multi-user building project. The questions that are raised here will be explored further through a case study of user- engagement in a hospital design project. 

This paper is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence.

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Cite this paper: Chun, M.H. (2016). Challenges in co-designing a building. Proceedings of DRS 2016, Design Research Society 50th Anniversary Conference. Brighton, UK, 27–30 June 2016.

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