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The Foam: a Possible Model for Motion Graphic Design 

Anamaria Galeotti, Clice Mazzilli

Anhembi Morumbi University, University of São Paulo

Keywords: audio-visual design; multimedia interface; motion graphic design; audio-visual semiotics


This paper discusses the elements of motion graphic design language as a complex system of visual, verbal and sonorous signs, which are simultaneously transmitted and correlated in time and space. Born out of the cinema, the motion graphic design was improved by the television and thereafter the informatics, incorporating the elements of the graphic design. As the technologies of pre- production, production and post-production progressed in the field, a more complex digital audio-visual design could be conceived, enabling an experiment such as the Audio-Visual Foam Model – the main object of this research – to be done. It consists of an immersive and interactive 3D installation where one can experience how these fragile and hybrid elements of language interact between themselves, just like foam bubbles. Entitled “Passion and Violence”, the experiment clearly demonstrates the role played by the motion graphic designer and suggests a contemporary methodology for working with this audio-visual design. 

This paper is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence.

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Cite this paper: Galeotti, A., Mazzilli, C. (2016). The Foam: a Possible Model for the Motion Graphic Design. Proceedings of DRS 2016, Design Research Society 50th Anniversary Conference. Brighton, UK, 27–30 June 2016.

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