Automating Experience: Does the ‘automated home’ diminish or deepen user experience?

Jonathan Chapman, Jon Mason, dzmitry Allakseyeu, merryn haines-gadd

University of Brighton, Philips Lighting (2), University of Brighton


Keywords: Automation; Experience; Participation; Sustainability

Conversation Overview

In a technologically streamlined world, our dominant version of reality comes with the majority of problems mitigated through the constant and rapid evolution of technology systems. One notable progression is that of automating technologies within the home, which have been suggested deliver rich experiences that are both immersive and smart. The vision for automated living spaces sees people interacting easily within digital environments where by electronics are sensitive to our needs, personalised to requirements, anticipatory of behaviour and responsive to our presence all enabled by the extraordinary potential of the Internet of Things. There are significant benefits that accompany these forms of development. Yet, for all its affordances, there are larger issues concerning agency still to be explored. Hosted in partnership with Philips Lighting and the University of Brighton, this conversation explores the relationships between the automated home and user experience, asking: Does the automated home diminish or deepen user experience?

This conversation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence.

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This conversation took place on Wednesday 29th June at DRS2016, find it in the conference programme


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