A 50th Birthday!

The Design Research Society celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2016 and the conference will mark the occasion with presentations and an exhibition.  

The origins of the DRS go back to 1962 and the Conference on Design Methods (below, left).  This led to the formation of the DRS in 1966 and over the years the Society has hosted many ground-breaking conferences and events. Below right you can see the range of subjects that made up a 1980 conference on Design Policy. An archive of DRS Newsletter Covers from 1968-1999 contains further information relating to the history of the society. 

In the lead up to the conference next June the DRS is investing in a number of bursaries for researchers to look back at how design research has developed over the past 50 years and the influence that the DRS has had.  

You will be able to follow this work on the DRS2016 Blog and on Twitter with the hashtag #50yearsofDRS

The Terminology used in Design is a matter of much importance and one that must be resolved.
— 1962 Conference on Design Methods
Design Policy will tend to have as its special problem the generalisable, explicatory and social issues arising from the judgmental, creative, productive and specific aspirations of design activity.
— 1982 Conference on Design Policy