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AESTHETIC pleasure in design

The Beauty of Balance: An Empirical Integration of the Unified Model of Aesthetics for Product Design 
Michael Berghman, Paul Hekkert
Measuring Design Typicality: A Comparison of Objective and Subjective Approaches 
Stefan Mayer, Jan R. Landwehr
Most Advanced yet Acceptable: A Case of Referential Form-driven Meaning Innovation 
James Self, Seong geun Lee, Ekaterina Andrietc
Extracting Design Aesthetic Heuristics from Scientific Literature
Ana Maria Cadavid, Stefany Ruiz Cordoba, Jorge Maya
Putting Product Design in Context: Consumer Responses to Design Fluency as a Function of Presentation Context 
Laura Graf, Jan Landwehr
A Comparison Between Colour Preference and Colour Harmony – Taking Athletic Shoe Design as an Example 
Li-Chen Ou
The Value of Transparency for Designing Product Innovations 
Peiyao Cheng, Ruth Mugge
Creating Novel Encounters with Nature: Approaches and Design Explorations 
Thomas Van Rompay, Geke Ludden
Introducing Experience Goals into Packaging Design 
Markus Joutsela, Virpi Roto

DESIGN FOR design: the influence and legacy of john heskett

Doing Qualitative Studies, Using Statistical Reasoning 
Tore Kristensen
Design as Driver for Understanding Sustainability and Creating Value in the Fur Industry 
Else Skjold, Irene Lønne
Design Awareness: Developing Design Capacity in Chinese Manufacturing Industry 
Sylvia Liu
Design Expanding into Strategy: Evidence from Design Consulting Firms 
Suzan Boztepe

Design Education and Learning

Knowledgeability Culture: Co-creation in Practice
Alicen Coddington, Colin Giang, Alexander Graham, Anne Prince, Pauliina Mattila, Christine Thong, Anita Kocsis
Project Contribution of Junior Designers: Exploring the What and the How of Values in Collaborative Practice
Lennart Kaland, Annelijn Vernooij, Lenny van Onselen
The Future of Product Design Utilising Printed Electronics
Nicola York, Darren Southee, Mark Evans
Junior Designers’ Awareness of Personal Values and their Employment choices
Anna Jonkmans, Julia Wurl, Dirk Snelders, Lenny van Onselen
Visual Thinking Styles and Idea Generation Strategies Employed in Visual Brainstorming Sessions
Naz Börekçi

Design-ing and creative philosophies

Experience: A Central Concept in Design and its Roots in the History of Science
Johannes Uhlmann, Christian Woelfel, Jens Krzywinski
Probing the Future by Anticipative Design Acts
Annelies De Smet, Nel Janssens
Responsibility in Design: Applying the Philosophy of Gilbert Simondon
Sander Mulder
Making Polychronic Objects for a Networked Society
Jane Norris
The Foam: a Possible Model for the Motion Graphic Design
Anamaria Rezende Galeotti, Clice Sanjar Mazzilli
Space as a Becoming: Fresh Water Expo Pavilion as a Creative Practice for an Architecture to Come
Emine Gorgul

DESIGN innovation for society

From the Specificity of the Project in Design to Social Innovation by Design: A Contribution
Marie-Julie Catoir-Brisson, Stéphane Vial, Michela Deni, Thomas Watkin
Activating the Core Economy by Design
Paul Micklethwaite, Rebeca Torres Castanedo
Redesigning Governance: A Call for Design across Three Orders of Governance
Tanja Schultz Rosernqvist, Cynthia Mitchell
The Challenges of Human-centred Design in a Public Sector Innovation Context
Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer
On Presenting a Rich Picture for Stakeholder Dialogue
Abigail Durrant, Wendy Moncur, David Kirk, Diego Trujillo Pisanty, Kathryn Orzech
Involving Stakeholders in Cross-border Regional Design
Annet Kempenaar
Appreciative Co-design: From Problem Solving to Strength-Based Re-authoring in Social Design
Tasman Munro
Design and the Creation of Representational Artefacts for Interactive Social Problem Solving
Richard Cooney, Tania Francesca Ivanka, Nifeli Sewart, Neal Haslem
Design Tools for Enhanced New Product Development in Low Income Economies
Timothy Whitehead, Mark Evans, Guy Bingham


Resourcing in Co-design
Salu Ylirisku, Jacob Buur, Line Revsbæk
From Participation to Collaboration: Reflections on the Co-creation of Innovative Business Ideas
Lynn-Sayers McHattie, Katherine Champion, Cara Broadley, Michael Pierre Johnson
Bridging Service Design with Integrated Co-design Decision Maker Interventions
Sune Gudiksen, Anders Christensen, Pernille Henriksen
Exploring Framing and Meaning Making over the Design Innovation Process
Clementine Thurgood, Rohan Lulham
The Making of Sustainable Cultural and Creative Cluster in Hong Kong
Kaman Tsang, Kin Wai Michael Siu
Emerging Trends of Design Policy in the UK
Qian Sun
An Exploration of Service Design Jam and its Ability to Foster Social Enterprise
Ksenija Kuzmina, Chris Parker, Martin Maguire, Thomas Jun, Maria Alejandra Moreno, Val Mitchell, Samantha Porter
Fiction as a Resource in Participatory Prototyping
Eva Knutz, Tau Lenskjold, Thomas Markussen
Coordinating Product Design with Production and Consumption Processes
Anders Haug

Effective Information Design

Expectations and Prejudices Usurp Judgements of Schematic Map Effectiveness
Maxwell Roberts, Ida Charlotte Nybakk Vaeng
Informing the Design of Mobile Device-based Patient Instructions Leaflets: The Case of Fentanyl Patches
Myrto Koumoundourou, Panayiotis Koutsabasis, Jenny Darzentas
A User-centred Approach to Developing an Actionable Visualisation for ‘Balance Health’
Shruti Grover, Simon Johnson, Chris McGinley, Ross Atkin
Data Visualisation Does Political Things
Joanna Boehnert
The Information Designer through the Lens of Design for Learning
Eden Potter
Design Methods for Meaning Discovery: A Patient-oriented Health Research Case Study
David Craib, Lorenzo Imbesi

inclusive DESIGN

Crafted with Care: Reflections from Co-designing Wearable Technologies with Care Home Residents
Christopher Lim, Sara Nevay
Towards Designing Inclusion: Insights from a User Data Collection Study in China
Weining Ning, Hua Dong
Designing for Older People: But who is an Older Person?
Raghavendra Gudur, Alethea Blackler, Vesna Popovic, Doug Mahar
To Shed Some Light on Empowerment: Towards Designing for Embodied Functionality
Jelle Van Dijk, Fenne Verhoeven
Towards more Culturally Inclusive Communication Design Practices: Exploring Creative Participation between Non-Indigenous and Indigenous People in Australia
Nicola St John
“Difficult” Packaging for Older Chinese Adults
Xuezi Ma, Hua Dong
Product Stigmaticity: Measuring Product-Related Stigma
Kristof Vaes, Pieter Jan Stappers, Achiel Standaert
Towards an Innovative and Inclusive Architecture
Sidse Grangaard
Hidden Public Spaces: How a University Campus could become a Place for Communities
Davide Fassi, Laura Galluzzo, Liat Rogel
Designing Meaningful Vehicle for Older Users: Culture, Technology, and Experience
Chao Zhao, Vesna Popovic, Xiaobo Lu