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Schön’s Legacy: Examining Contemporary Citation Practices in DRS Publications
Jordan Beck, Laureline Chiapello
User Design: Constructions of the “User” in the History of Design Research
Theodora Vardouli
Design Research and Design Participation
Robert Aish
The Design Research Society in the 1980s and 1990s: A Memoir
Conall Ó Catháin
Design Research. What is It? What is it for?
Victor Margolin


The Prototype as a Cosmopolitical Place: Ethnographic Design Practice and Research at the National Zoo in Santiago, Chile
Pablo Hermansen, Martin Tironi, Jose Neira
Aesthetics, Cosmopolitics and Design Futures in Computational Fashion 
Laura Forlano
Framing Values in Design 
Marta Gasparin, William Green
Designing Debate: The Entanglement of Speculative Design and Upstream Engagement 
Tobie Kerridge
Post-critical Potentials in Experimental Co-design 
Sissel Olander
Collaborative Imaging: The communicative practice of hand sketching in experimental physics 
Judith Marlen Dobler
Designing Diagrams for Social Issues 
Michele Mauri, Paolo Ciuccarelli
The Role of Participation in Designing for Internet of Things 
Anuradha Reddy, Per Linde
iPhoneography and New Aesthetics: The Emergence of a Social Visual Communication Through Image-based Social Media 
Eman Alshawaf
The Aesthetics of Action in New Social Design
Ilpo Koskinen
A Creative Ontological Analysis of Collective Imagery during Co-Design for Service Innovation
Priscilla Chueng-Nainby, Bing Xin Zi, John Lee


An alternative approach to influencing behaviour: Adapting Darnton’s Nine Principles framework for scaling-up individual upcycling 
Kyungeun Sung, Tim Cooper, Sarah Kettley
What a designer can change: a proposal for a categorisation of artefact-related aspects
Anneli Selvefors, Helena Strömberg, Sara Renström
The potential of design for behaviour change to foster the transition to a circular economy 
Laura Piscicelli, Geke Dina Simone Ludden
Developing a theory-driven method to design for behaviour change: two case studies 
Anita van Essen, Sander Hermsen, Reint Jan Renes
Assessment of the co-creative design process 
Pratik Vyas, Robert Young, Petia Sice, Nick Spencer
Exploring and communicating user diversity for behavioural change 
Aykut Coskun, Cigdem Erbug
How I learned to appreciate our tame social scientist: experiences in integrating design research and the behavioural sciences 
Sander Hermsen, Remko van der Lugt, Sander Mulder, Reint Jan Renes
A Design Approach for Risk Communication, the Case of Type 2 Diabetes 
Farzaneh Eftekhari, Tsai Lu Liu
Metadesigning Design Research: How can designers collaboratively grow a research platform? 
Ingrid Mathilda Tham, Anna-Karin Arvidsson, Mikael Blomqvist, Susanne Bonja, Sara Hyltén-Cavallius Hyltén-Cavallius, Lena Håkansson, Miguel Salinas, Marie Sterte, Ola Ståhl, Tobias Svensén, Ole Victor


LIVD: An Avant-Garde Publication With Pedagogical and Epistemological Aims
Meredith Lynn James
Online Reflective Interactions on Social Network Sites in Design Studio Course
Simge Hough
Communication is not Collaboration: Observations from a Case Study in Collaborative Learning
Iestyn Jowers, Mark Gaved, Gary Elliott-Cirigottis, Delphine Dallison, Alan Rochead, Mark Craig
Design Studio Desk and Shared Place Attachments: A Study on Ownership, Personalization, and Agency
Peter Scupelli, Bruce Hanington
Exploring Framing within a Team of Industrial Design Students
Mithra Zahedi, Lorna Heaton, Marie. Reumont


Mapping Design Knowledge: 36 years of Design Studies 
Kathryn Burns, Jack Ingram, Louise Annable
I Know this One; But the Answer is Complex… 
Simon Downs
Source Domains of Architectural Knowledge: Mappings, Categories, Validity and Relevance 
Philip Plowright
Using Rhetoric in Persuasive Design: What Rhetoric? 
Danny Godin
Design Fiction: Does the Search for Plausibility Lead to Deception? 
Paul Coulton, Joseph Lindley, Haider Ali
Graphicality: Why is There not Such a Word? 
Robert Harland, David Craib
Design as Anticipation and Innovation
Markus F. Peschl, Thomas Fundneider

Design for Health wellbeing and happiness

In the Moment: Designing for Late Stage Dementia 
Cathy Treadaway, David Prytherch, Gail Kenning, Jac Fennell
Supporting Healthy Behaviour. A Stages of Change Perspective on Changing Snacking Habits of Children 
Geke Ludden, Laura de Ruijter
Designs with Benefits: Hearth Fire Nights and Bittersweet Chores 
Stella Boess, Anna Pohlmeyer
Design for Ageing-in-place: Evidence from Australia 
Naseem Ahmadpour, Alen Keirnan
Co-­creating Narratives: A Phenomenologically Informed Approach to the Design of Interactive Medical Devices 
Rowan Page, Mark Richardson
Happy Moments: A Well-being Driven Design of a Car2Go 
Tessa Duste, Pieter Desmet, Elmer. van Grondelle
Exploring Design for Happiness in the Home and Implications for Future Domestic Living 
Emily Corrigan Doyle, Carolina Escobar-Tello, Kathy Pui Ying Lo
A Design Primer for the Domestication of Health Technologies 
Paul Chamberlain
Using Symbolic Meaning as a Means to Design for Happiness: The Development of a Card Set for Designers 
Mafalda Casais, Ruth Mugge, Pieter Desmet
Disentangling Complexity: A Visualisation-led Tool for Healthcare Associated Infection Training 
Alastair Macdonald, David Loudon, Susan Wan, Colin Macduff

Design futures

Vision Concepts within the Landscape of Design Research 
Ricardo Mejia, Gert Pasman, Pieter Jan Stappers
Visual Conversations on Urban Futures: Participatory Methods to Design Scenarios of Liveable Cities 
Serena Pollastri, Rachel Cooper, Nick Dunn, Christopher Boyko
Games as Speculative Design: Allowing Players to Consider Alternate Presents and Plausible Futures 
Paul Coulton, Dan Burnett, Adrian Gradinar
Future Product Ecosystems: Discovering the Value of Connections 
Tim Williams, Marianella Chamorro-Koc
An Approach to Future-oriented Technology Design - with a Reflection on the Role of the Designer and the Artefact 
Tiina Kymäläinen

Design process

Provocative Design for Unprovocative Designers: Strategies for Triggering Personal Dilemmas
Deger Ozkaramanli, Pieter Desmet
Temporal Design: Looking at Time as Social Coordination
Larissa Pschetz, Michelle Bastian, Chris Speed
Could LEGO® Serious Play® be a useful Technique for Product Co-design?
Julia Anne Garde, Mascha van der Voort
A Physical Modeling Tool to Support Collaborative Interpretation of Conversations
Piotr Michura, Stan Ruecker, Celso Scaletsky, Guilherme Meyer, Chiara Del Gaudio, Gerry Derksen, Julia Dias, Elizabeth Jernegan, Juan de la Rosa, Xinyue Zhou, Priscilla Ferronato
Skilling and Learning through Digital Do-It-Yourself: The Role of (Co-)Design
Giuseppe Salvia, Carmen Bruno, Marita Canina
Form as an Abstraction of Mechanism
Lewis Urquhart, Andrew Wodehouse
Intuitive Interaction Research: New Directions and Possible Responses
Alethea Liane Blackler, Vesna Popovic


The Structure of Design Processes: Ideal and Reality in Bruce Archer’s 1968 Doctoral Thesis
Stephen Boyd Davis, Simone Gristwood
Closing the Circle
Douglas Tomkin
Re-integrating Design Education: Lessons from History
Peter Alec Hall
International Norms and Local Design Research: ICSID and the Promotion of Industrial Design in Latin America, 1970-1979
Tania Messell
Design Research in the East – at Universities and the Board of Industrial Design of the GDR between the 1960s and 1990
Sylvia Woelfel, Christian Woelfel
(Re)working the Past, (Dis)playing the Future. Italy: The New Domestic Landscape at MoMA, 1972
Ingrid Halland Rashidi
Recommendations to Rebuild the Body of Feminist Work in Industrial Design
Isabel Prochner, Anne Marchand
Design Practice and Design Research: Finally Together? 
Kees Dorst
Redrawing the Boundaries of Craft in India
Kamala Murali
Reverse Innovation: How Has Design in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region Changed the World
Tao Huang
Beautiful Nerds: Growing a Rigorous Design Research Dialogue in the Irish Context
Adam de Eyto, Carmel Maher
Design Research is Alive and Kicking… 
Paul Rodgers, Joyce Yee


Towards Translation Design. A New Paradigm for Design Research 
Giovanni Baule, Elena Caratti
Design as Translation Activity: A Semiotic Overwiew 
Salvatore Zingale
Word to Image, Image to Word: The Contribution of Visual Communication to Understanding and Dialog 
Michael Renner
Perception, Meaning and Transmodal Design 
Mathias Nordvall, Mattias Arvola
The Ways of Synesthetic Translation: Design Models for Media Accessibility 
Dina Riccò
The Narratives and the Supports: Remediating Design Culture in the Translation of Transmedia Artefacts 
Matteo Ciastellardi, Derrick de Kerckhove
Rules of Thumb: An Experiment in Contextual Transposition 
Damon Taylor, Monika Buscher, Lesley Murray, Chris Speed, Theo Zamenopolous
Juxtaposing Chinese and Western Representational Principles: New Design Methods for Information Graphics in the Field of Intercultural Communication 
Ruedi Baur, Ulrike Felsing
Elucidating Perceptions of Australian and Chinese Industrial Design from the Next Generation of Industrial Designers 
Blair Kuys, WenWen Zhang
Translating Picturebooks: Re-examining Interlingual and Intersemiotic Translation 
Anne Maria Ketola
Long Kesh: Site - Sign - Body 
Ola Ståhl

Design-ing and Creative philosophies

The Foam: a Possible Model for the Motion Graphic Design
Anamaria Rezende Galeotti, Clice Sanjar Mazzilli
Space as a Becoming: Fresh Water Expo Pavilion as a Creative Practice for an Architecture to Come
Emine Gorgul


Double-loop Reflective Practice as an Approach to Understanding Knowledge and Experience
John Gribbin, Mersha Aftab, Sumin Park, Robert Young
Capturing Architects’ Designerly Ways of Knowing about Users: Exploring an Ethnographic Research Approach
Valerie van der Linden, Hua Dong, Ann Heylighen
Bonding through Designing: How a Participatory Approach to Videography can Catalyse an Emotive and Reflective Dialogue with Young People
Marianne McAra
Designing “Little Worlds” in Walnut Park: How Architects Adopted an Ethnographic Case Study on Living with Dementia
Valerie van der Linden, Iris van Steenwinkel, Hua Dong, Ann Heylighen


From Afterthought to Precondition: Re-engaging Design Ethics from Technology, Sustainability, and Responsibility 
Jeffrey Chan
Stories in a Beespoon: Exploring Future Folklore through Design 
Deborah Maxwell, Liz Edwards, Toby Pillatt, Niamh Downing
Design for Resourceful Ageing: Intervening in the Ethics of Gerontechnology 
Elisa Giaccardi, Lenneke Kuijer, Louis Neven
Uber and Language-Action Theory 
Michael Arnold Mages
Emotional Fit: A New Fashion Design Methodology for Mature Women 
Katherine Townsend, Ania Sadkowska, Juliana Sissons